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SALGA - Municipality study

20 April 2017 - Future Water is in the process of commissioning a study on how two local municipalities in the Western Cape are (inter alia) handling their water shortages. Together with SALGA (South African Local Government Association -, we have identified two municipalities for purposes of this study: (1) Kannaland (resource-challenged institution and water scarce area) and; (2) Swartland (well-resourced institution and water scarce area).

This study aims to incorporate as many different perspectives on the issue of water scarcity as possible, be it technical, sociological, economic, legal etc. As a result, we are looking for team members with different skills, backgrounds and perspectives to contribute towards the project. 

We plan to take a team of Future Water members/students to spend a few days at each of these municipalities, with the aim of questioning specific stakeholders. These stakeholders include relevant members from the local municipality, community leaders, and the industry and business forum. SALGA has agreed to facilitate these meetings with each of the stakeholders.

We will be holding a preliminary workshop with the team on 4 May from 11h00 to 13h30 to discuss the parameters and methodology of the study. Please contact Cheri Young ( if you wish to attend.

In preparation for the workshop, please think about/prepare answers for the following questions:

  1. What will your role in the team be?
  2. Which stakeholders would you want to interview?
  3. Do you have students who you would like to involve on the project?
  4. Will you need access to any of the local municipality’s facilities?
  5. What are the key research questions that you would like to address during this study?