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Professor Alison Emslie Lewis

Alison is a registered Professional Engineer and the Director of the Crystallization and Precipitation Unit at the University of Cape Town. The Research Unit works nationally and internationally as specialists in the field of Industrial Crystallization and Precipitation, especially in hydrometallurgical applications.


At her 2014 Café Scientifique event "Modern Alchemy: Making Value out of Waste Water", she looks at the current problems with waste water purification methods, describes eutectic freeze crystallisation technology and explains why it is such a hot topic. She is the inventor on a UCT patent in this field. Read more on the UCT Innovation website 

UCT News article on recovering value from waste


In this TEDxCapeTown talk (2011) she shares the story of how looking to nature - how water freezes and increases the purity of the water in the process, can be applied to engineering, to address our environmental challenges in a potentially financially viable way.