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Andrew 'Mugsy' Spiegel

Current research related to Future Water

  • The design of ablution facilities in informal settlements (Kwame Samuel Norvixoxo)
  • Socio-Economic Challenges in Assessing the ‘Amenity Value’ of Storm water Ponds in Cape Town’s Constantia Greenbelt: An Anthropological Critique of Water Sensitive Design Perspectives (Christoph de Chavonnes Vrugt – dissertation submitted and under examination)


Potential Future Water collaborative research

  • Accelerating Climate Action: Social Equity and Empowerment of women and girls (with Jaqui Goldin, UWC: proposal submitted)
  • Better understand behaviours and incentives for sustainable hygiene and sanitation (Commission 1 proposal to SHE)
  • Socio-cultural critiques of technology driven ‘solutions’.
  • Succession planning to ensure socio-culturally sensitive contributions to developing water sensitive proposals and to monitoring implementation of ‘solutions’.