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Tom Sanya

Current research related to Future Water

Academic and professional activities framed by ecosystem perspectives to focus on the sustainable design of the built environment. Research focuses on low-energy design, water sensitive design and ecological urbanism for human wellbeing, social justice and ecosystem resilience. Interdisciplinary collaboration with academic, professional and societal constituencies are important.

  • Exploring architectural knowledge in Water Sensitive Design (MPhil student graduated 2018)
  • Liveable neighbourhoods with water as foremost priority: Redesigning an existing neighbourhood using Water Sensitive Design – WRC Project started in 2018. The interdisciplinary project will involve several FWI researchers, community partners and about three postgraduate students.

Potential Future Water collaborative research

I hope to leverage the above project to pool a diverse but complementary range of research competences and societal actors to focus on the topic of urban resilience through water sensitive design. Outcomes envisioned include designs, simulations (complex adaptive systems?) and qualitative studies.