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Future Water Institute

Welcome to the University of Cape Town’s Future Water Institute. The Future water Institute’s core purpose is centered on

“Exploring and enabling regenerative water futures which transform human settlements into liveable and sustainable ecologies”.

The Future Water Institute integrates technical and socio-economic aspects of water management through the adoption of inter- and transdisciplinary (IDTD) approaches and scholarship as well as multi-stakeholder and/or user perspectives. 

The Future Water Institute is physically hosted and administered by the Department of Civil Engineering in the Engineering and Built Environment Faculty at the University of Cape Town.

The guiding principles of the Future Water Institute are:

  • We embrace collaboration and drive a transdisciplinary approach – held together by a common purpose
  • Our research will have skills development and capacity building as a fundamental component
  • We value and respect the talents and contributions of individuals and different disciplines
  • We recognise the complexity of the problems we are addressing, and are mindful of their associated social, cultural and historic contexts
  • As we innovate we seek to use, build on and leverage off existing knowledge
  • We seek to develop fit-for-purpose social and technical ideas and options which drive multiple streams of value
  • In understanding and articulating value we consider value protected and value created – in social and economic terms
  • Our research and practices are underpinned by credibility, evidence, ethics, integrity

The infographic below gives an overview of our people and our value proposition.