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Bridging Waters Conversation Series

Bridging Waters came about as a need to talk about Water Sensitivity in a transdisciplinary way, see here:

The point of Bridging Waters is to link with whomever and whatever we deem interesting and relevant to making the city a better place to live (through the water lens, but everything is affected by water so that's fine), in an informal, comfortable conversation.

The write up for the 5 September 2017 event: "What does water mean to landscape architects"

Dates for the 2018 events:

All events are scheduled for 15:30 to 18:00, in the New Engineering Building, Upper Campus UCT. Dates are subject to change.

22 February: The Importance of Trees in Liveable Cities.

19 April: Creating a water sensitive culture (the psychology of water related behaviour change, including enjoyment (Conserve, Value, Enjoy.))

14 June

23 August

25 October

The last three dates still need the topics finalised, likely to be the following:  

 - What is a catchment (How do civil engineers see this, estuarine managers? ecologists? urban planners? How do their views differ?)

 - The economics of WSD (incorporating informality, inverse infrastructures)

 - Cape Town as a Sponge City - what would it look like? A detailed visual dream at potential interventions at various scales

Event pages with specific info will be added in due course.