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Mapurunyane Callies Selala (Dr)

Environmental water risk assessment, management and wetland bioremediation

My research is focused on restoring an abandoned secondary settling pond at Water Hub, Franschhoek, at a site that was previously used as a Waste Water Treatment plant. The aim of the project is to establish methods for enhancing the ecological biodiversity within the wetland. It involves an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the biomimicry of natural processes that have the potential for treating dry sludge following the re-wetting of a large, representative sample. The project will explore various methods including the characterizing of heavy metal in dry sludge; leaching of toxicity after dry-sludge re-wetting; and the aquatic biota response. The project will establish a baseline dataset and an approach to rehabilitate the wetland and establish a biodiverse ecosystem.

Research output

MC Selala1, PJ Oberholster2, KAK Surridge3, A-M Botha4. A pilot study: Bioremediation and responses of biota after a sunflower oil spill in the Con Joubert Bird Sanctuary wetland, South Africa. African J. Biotechnol. Vol. 12(4); January 2013, 385-399.

MC Selalaa, A-M Bothab, AR de Klerkc, LP de Klerkc, JG Myburgha and PJ Oberholstera,c,d*. Effects of vegetable oil pollution on aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblage in a freshwater wetland and its use as a remediation tool. Water Air Soil Pollut; August 2013, 224:1650.

MC Selala., A-M Botha, LP de Klerk, AR de Klerk, JG Myburgh and PJ Oberholster. Using phytoplankton diversity to determine wetland resilience, one year after a vegetable oil spill. Water Air Soil Pollut; June 2014, 225:2051

MM van Dyk, G Koning, Z Simayi, S Booi, R Maharaj, MC. Selala and DJG Rees. Development of microsatellite markers for marker-assisted breeding in pears (Pyrus spp.). Acta Hort. 2005, 671: 307-313.

Conference articles

XXIII International Congress of Entomology, Durban, South Africa, ICE 2008:

Poster: MC Selala, A-M Botha and PJ Oberholster. Identification of potentially toxigenic cyanobacterial strains from the Nhlangazwane Dam in the Kruger National Park, after occurrence of mortalities of megaherbivores.

6th Plant Breeding. Symposium, Club Mykonos, South Africa, 2006:

Oral presentation: MC Selala., S Booi, R Maharaj, MK Soeker, MM van Dyk, ZE Simayi, and IF Labuschagne. Genetic analysis for resistance to Woolly Apple Aphid in apple rootstock breeding populations.