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Apply to join the Sustainable Water Management in Africa course!

12 Jun 2019 - 16:15

Course outline: This course is aimed at the next generation of critical thinkers. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to critically engage with the environmental, technical, socio-cultural, economic and political challenges of water demand, supply and treatment to create an understanding of the role of water in society and in sustaining livelihoods. The course provides the necessary contextual information to allow people from any background to participate meaningfully.

Objectives of the course:

• To provide key theoretical themes and concepts;

• To give exposure to the African context;

• To facilitate critical thinking and analysis to foster paradigm shifts through engagement with both practical applications and intractable problems.

Interactive time is focused on discussion, debate, and tactile engagement through workshops and serious games / activities.

Field trips: The Water Hub, Franschhoek and Langrug Informal Settlement

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Course convenor queries:

Course fee: Free to successful UCT applicants

Application criteria:

• Must be a registered student at UCT for 2019 academic year (proof of registration required)

• Must be at least in the 4th year (Honours) level or up (latest transcript required)

• Application should include a letter of motivation describing why you are interested in attending the course

• Applications will go through a rigorous selection process

Application closing date: 18 June 2019

How to apply: Please contact