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Online courses of relevance to the Future of Water

These courses are not offered by Future Water, but are (for the most part) freely available online. Listing on this page does not mean an endorsement. These are useful for the interest of the general public, and are invaluable to find resources quickly especially when entering a new field. The courses listed here are but a small selection of the wealth of knowledge relevant to water available online. 

Offered by the University of Cape Town

Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries

This course challenges you to consider how one might lift societies out of poverty while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Taught by:    Professor Harald Winkler

Climate Systems

Introduction to Water and Climate

Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Our Energetic Earth

Course offered by the University of Toronto


Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants: New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications

Cleaning up the large number of groundwater contamination sites is a significant and complex environmental challenge. The environmental industry is continuously looking for remediation methods that are both effective and cost-efficient.. Created by Rice University.


Groundwater modelling:

Good place to start looking for reading material:


Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries Part 1: Understanding Complex Problems Offered by the University of Manchester

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries Part 2: Developing Effective Interventions Offered by the University of Manchester

EAWAG SANDEC series “Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development”:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries
  • Planning and Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies
  • Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management
  • Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

And this helpful link containing Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) workshop materials, free to download after logging in. These workshop materials contain the resources for both trainers and participants for CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) and Eawag-Sandec's Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) workshop.

Introduction to Treatment of Urban Sewage

Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Resource Recovery

Industrial Biotechnology 

A course useful for biological resource recovery from, for example, organic wastes and wastewater. Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Urban Planning and Infrastructures

Designing Cities

Each module in Designing Cities will focus on a different aspect of city design including: How Today’s City Evolved; The Ideas That Shape Cities; Tools for Designing Cities; Making Cities Sustainable; Cities in the Information Age; Preserving Older Cities; Designing New Cities, Districts and Neighborhoods; The Challenges of Informal Cities and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods; and Visionary Cities. Course designed by the University of Pennsylvania.

The Next Generation of Infrastructure

Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Agriculture and Food

Agriculture, Economics and Nature

Sound economic thinking is crucial for farmers because they depend on good economic decision making to survive. Governments depend on economic information to make good policy decisions on behalf of the community. This course will help you to contribute to better decision making by farmers, or by agencies servicing agriculture, and it will help you to understand why farmers respond to policies and economic opportunities in the ways they do. Offered by the University of Western Australia.

Food Security and Sustainability: Crop production

Course offered by Wageningen University

Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access

Course offered by Wageningen University

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking and environmental sustainability

Course offered by Wageningen University.

Circular Economy: An Introduction

Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Water Sensitive Design

This is a hot topic currently, but we couldn't find online courses specifically dedicated to it yet, can you help?

edX: DelftWageningenX: AMS.URB.1x Sustainable Urban Development. Sustainable Urban Development demonstrates the fact that there are no simple solutions to grand challenges! The challenges cities face today require a holistic, systemic and transdisciplinary approach that spans different fields of expertise and disciplines such as urban planning, urban design, urban engineering, systems analysis, policy making, social sciences and entrepreneurship. This MOOC is all about the integration of different fields of knowledge within the metropolitan context.

Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities Lund University. This course is comprised of five modules: Sustainable Urban Transformation, Infrastructure and Planning, Urban Living Labs, Future Urban visions, and Sustainable Urban Lifestyles.

Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities is a course offered by FutureLearn and Monash University, but this course will not run again. Monash University Water for Liveability Centre has useful resources, and Ideanthro, also based in Australia, has useful videos relating to Water Sensitive Design.

Drinking Water Treatment

Introduction to Drinking Water Treatment

Course offered by Technical University (TU) Delft.

Know of any interesting courses that should be listed here? Please get in touch: