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Prof Neil Armitage

Prof Neil Armitage  

Current research related to Future Water

  • The design of ablution facilities in informal settlements (Kwame Norvixoxo)
  • Assessing the potential for stormwater harvesting in Cape Town using the Zeekoe Catchment as a case study (John Okedi)
  • Developing an effective stormwater management strategy for Knysna (Alice Harvey)
  • Evaluating Cape Town’s sewerage system as a resource (Zarmeen Ghoor)
  • Developing permeable pavement guidelines for South Africa (Kim Liu)


Potential Future Water collaborative research

  • Stormwater Harvesting – including Real Time Control (RTC), Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery (MAR&R) and Coastal Reservoirs (CR)
  • Additional benefits from stormwater systems
  • Helping cities become more water sensitive
  • ‘Slum drainage’ – i.e. catering for stormwater, greywater and solid waste in informal settlements and other types of settlement with inadequate service provision
  • Semi-centralised sewerage linked to resource recovery (water, nutrients, energy)