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Published material - 2017

Chapters in books

  • Winter, K. (2017). Interim measures towards sustainable drainage in the informal settlements of South Africa. In Charlesworth, S. & Booth, C. (eds). Sustainable Surface Water Management: A Handbook for SUDS. Wiley Blackwell, ISBN 978111889770.
  • Young, C. & Maduekwe, N. (2017). Water, Sanitation and Energy Access in South Africa and Nigeria. In Law as an instrument for the promotion of access to modern energy services for all.
  • Pott, R.W.M., Johnstone-Robertson, M., Verster, B., Rumjeet, S., Nkadimeng, L., Raper, T., Rademeyer, S. & Harrison, S.T.L. (2017). Wastewater biorefineries: integrating water treatment and value recovery. In The Nexus: Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Springer. 

Papers in peer reviewed conference proceedings

  • Okedi, J., Armitage, N., Carden, K. & Mahinthakumar, K. (2017). An investigation into the potential for catchment scale stormwater harvesting in Cape Town, South Africa. Proceedings of ICUD2017 conference, 10-15 September, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Fisher-Jeffes, L., Armitage, N., Carden, K., Winter, K. & Okedi, J. (2017) Addressing water scarcity in South Africa through the use of LID. Proceedings of International Low Impact Development Conference 2016: Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), p20-28, ISBN 9780784480540.
  • Edward, C.J.; Smart, M. & Harrison, S.T.L. (2017). Recycling bioremediated cyanidation tailings wastewater within the biooxidation circuit for gold recovery: impact on process performance and water management. In Wolkersdorfer, C., Sartz, L., Sillanpää, M., Häkkinen, A. (Ed). 13th International Mine Water Association Congress – Minewater and Circular Economy, International Minewater Association 2017. pp 990-997
  • Marais, TS; Huddy, RJ; van Hille, RP; Harrison, STL. (2017). Effect of operational parameters on the performance of an integrated semi- passive bioprocess. In: Wolkersdorfer C, Sartz L, Sillanpää M, Häkkinen A (Editors). 13th International Mine Water Association Congress – Minewater and Circular Economy, International Minewater Association 2017. pp 262-268
  • Hessler, T., Marais, T., Huddy, R. J., van Hille, R., & Harrison, S.T. (2017). Comparative Analysis of the Sulfate-Reducing Performance and Microbial Colonisation of Three Continuous Reactor Configurations with Varying Degrees of Biomass Retention. In Solid State Phenomena (Vol. 262, pp. 638-642). Trans Tech Publications
  • Amaral Filho, J.R., Weiler, J., Broadhurst, J.L. (2017). The use of static and humidity cell tests to assess the effectiveness of coal waste desulfurization on acid rock drainage risk. Mine Water and the Environment, p1-7.
  • Ssozi-Mugarura, F., Blake, E. & Rivett, U. (2017). Codesigning with communities to support rural water management in Uganda. CoDesign Vol. 13(2), p110-126.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Fisher-Jeffes, L., Armitage, N. & Carden, K. (2017). The viability of domestic rainwater harvesting in the residential areas of the Liesbeek River Catchment, Cape Town. WaterSA Vol 43(1), 551-560.
  • Fisher-Jeffes, L., Carden, K., Armitage, N.P., Winter, K. (2017). Stormwater harvesting: Improving water security in South Africa’s urban areas. S Afr J Sci. Vol. 113(1/2), 4 pp.
  • Fisher-Jeffes, L., Carden, K. & Armitage, N. (2017). A framework for water sensitive cities in South Africa. Paper accepted for Journal of Town & Regional Planning.
  • Rohrer, A.R. & N.P. Armitage (2017). Improving the viability of stormwater harvesting through rudimentary Real Time Control. Water 2017, 9, 371, 15 pp.; doi:10.3390/w906-371.
  • Kantor, R.S., Huddy, R.J., Iyer, R., Thomas, B.C., Brown, C.T., Anantharaman, K., Tringe, S., Hettich, R.L., Harrison, S.T.L. & Banfield J.F. (2017). Genome-resolved meta-omics ties microbial dynamics to process performance in biotechnology for thiocyanate degradation. Environmental Science and Technology 51(5), 2944-2953.
  • Kotsiopoulos, A. & Harrison, S.T.L. (2017). Application of fine desulfurised coal tailings as a neutralising barrier in the prevention of acid rock drainage. Hydrometallurgy 168, 159-166.
  • Van Zyl, J.E., Malde, R. (2017) Evaluating the pressure-leakage behaviour of leaks in water pipes, Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology – Aqua, Vol. 66 (5) 287 – 299, DOI: 10.2166/aqua.2017.136.
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  • Van Zyl, J.E., Lambert, A., & Collins, R. (2017) Realistic modeling of leakage and intrusion flows through leak openings in pipes. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 143(9), DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0001346.
  • Kimberly, S., Flores-Alsina, X., Kazadi Mbamba, C., Ikumi, D., Volcke, E.I.P., Vaneeckhaute, C., Ekama, G., et al. (2017). Plant-wide modelling of phosphorus transformations in wastewater treatment systems: Impacts of control and operational strategies. Water Research Vol.113, 97-110.
  • Marais, G., Ekama, G.A., & Wentzel, M.C. (2017). Application of the activated sludge model to aerated lagoons. Water SA, Vol. 43(2), 238-257.
  • Sikosana, M., Randall, D. & von Blottnitz, H. (2017). A technological and economic exploration of phosphate recovery from centralised sewage treatment in a transitioning economy context. Water SA, 43(2), 343-353.
  • Kabaasha,, A.M., Piller, O., van Zyl, J.E. (in press). Incorporating the modified orifice equation into pipe network solvers for more realistic leakage modeling, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.
  • Sanya, T.A (upcoming). Pathways Approach to Sustainable Water Research. Environment, Development and Sustainability.