Future Water launch graphic
Future Water Launch
8 September 2016, graphically illustrated by Graphic Harvest.
Keep calm and save it
Keep calm and save it
Save water, while we have it.
Can you use less than 50L of water a day?
49 a day
Can you use less than 50L of water a day?
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Future Water Institute

Future Water is a transdisciplinary research institute addressing issues of water scarcity in South Africa largely through water sensitive design. It recognizes the importance of integrating technical, social, environmental and economic perspectives towards robust sustainable solutions. To this end the institute provides the space for discipline specialists as well as generalists across the faculties of Humanities, Law, Commerce, Health Science, Science and Engineering and the Built Environment to interact, develop co-learning and transdiscplinary approaches to address critical issues, holistically and together.

The institute is home to independent, non-partisan thought-leaders who are passionate about water and highly aware of the interconnectedness of the challenges facing us today. 

The institute is unique in that it integrates significant technical depth and experience, with social science, economic and legal expertise. Future Water understands the need and has experience in grappling with complex issues, in partnership with government at all levels, industry, communities, and other academic partners both locally and internationally. Our current and past projects speak to this approach.