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About the Future Water Institute

The Future Water Institute provides the intellectual framework and knowledge base on water sensitivity. This framework allows research questions spanning disciplines to be addressed. The ultimate objective is to address water scarcity and to underpin improved quality of life and sustainable development in South Africa.

Growing and strengthening the next generation of researchers towards a knowledge economy, while promoting practical and impact-filled implementation of water solutions.

Collaborative research contributes to the creation of a critical mass of high quality researchers,  while drawing on the wealth of real-world experiences from people in the field.

The over-arching theme of the Future Water Institute is a meta-analysis of the research focus on water sensitivity.

The founding principles of the Future Water Institute:

  • Urgency in providing capacity for the optimisation of water infrastructure and minimisation of water scarcity
  • Adaptation to water scarcity and building resilience through effective governance and social-cultural processes
  • Necessity for innovation in water provision to meet growing demands
  • Imperative for management of water that is technically sound, socio-culturally acceptable and sustainable and that maximises public understanding of water scarcity and its implications.

The Future Water Institute integrates technical and socio-economic aspects of water management through the adoption of inter- and transdisciplinary (IDTD) approaches and scholarship as well as multi-stakeholder and/or user perspectives.

Research conducted within the Institute is based within an over-arching systems framework supported by strong sociological, technical and environmental expertise. In this way, the Institute coalesce existing research strengths and resources in the capture and processing of water, its use, management and governance. It integrates the various related signature themes, accredited research groupings and SARChI chairs in this field at UCT.